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While we love providing full-service production for companies and marketing departments, we also frequently work as freelance production team members.

James works as a freelance videographer, freelance gaffer. We have a 3/4-ton production van with a wide array of lighting and grip gear available for shoots throughout California.

James also works anywhere planes fly!

Gear List


Sony F55
Sony FS5
Canon 5Dmiii


5 B &M baby spots 1k (3200k)
1 source-4 with assorted gobos (3200K)
6 110 Flo lights (5400k)
3 bi-color 1×1 LED
1 1k Dynoplos soft box (3200k)
3 1k mole Richardson Cyc light (3200k)
2 2k mole Richardson (3200k)
2 500 watt Lowell Omni (3200k)
6 1k scoops

Grip Gear

2 fog machines
4 piece Indy dolly track (6ft)
power inverter
6×6 Mathews Frame (full, half, ¼ silks)
4 in 1 reflector
4 foam core & silver bounce
gaffers tape- spike
camera wedges
10 sandbags
assorted tools
jelly roll with assorted colors including color correction gels & diffusion
power taps
2 full size apple boxes
1 half apple Box
1 pancake
1 background frame
Green screen fabric
10 black out sheets
1 12ft ladder
4 full flags 18” x 24”
2 – Frames 18″ x 24″
1- Black Single Net Fabric 18″ x 24″
1- Black Double Net Fabric 18″ x 24″
1- Artificial Silk Fabric 18″ x 24″

Other Gear

8-channel audio board/mixer
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