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SIMZ Productions

Since early 2005, Simz Productions has been led by duo James and Leslie Simmons and currently operates wherever projects take them. Our company has the capability to work throughout the United States and internationally, but most projects take place in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento region and the North Bay (Sonoma County).

Simz Productions started out small, mostly with James working as a freelance videographer for gigs throughout the United States. Through hard work, they launched their first broadcast production in 2006 with the Monsters of Destruction monster truck television series that aired on The Outdoor Channel.

Originally with a focus on corporate video production and broadcast film and television production in Northern California, the company has produced hundreds of videos for small, medium and large businesses, plus a number of local and nationally-syndicated television shows.

Now, James primarily works independently or along with a team of skilled and experienced freelancers he has built strong ties with over two decades.

Our Team

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For over two decades, James Simmons has been in the film and television business. Starting out as a news cameraman, James gained experience working in the fast-paced news environment for about five years, eventually working independently in production. Since 2005, James has worked on hundreds of network television shows, feature films and a million other projects.  

James’ approach to filmmaking and production is to always say “yes.” He sets a positive tone on set that is both productive and fun and prides himself on being easy to get along with and making talent feel at ease. He marries both the speed he gained in news with an artful eye to lighting and cinematography to get clients what they need and expect, always within budget.


Leslie Simmons helps coordinate some shoots and manages all financial matters for the business and develops proposals and contracts. She previously worked as a field producer and dabbled in editing. She enjoys working with clients and answering questions for those that are new to video and television production.